Welcome to the vBrain! It’s a technical Blog based around Virtualization. I use this Blog as a place to store useful information that I think that will come in handy to me at some point in the future as well as a place where other people can find some useful information on Virtualization.
Professional Information

I’m Manfred Hofer, 43 from Austria. I’m currently working as a Staff Technical Account Manager @ VMware in Austria. Prior to that I worked for Imtech ICT Austria GmbH as a Senior System Consultant and was the Lead Virtualization Architect for their new hosting datacenter. I’ve been working in IT for 18 years in which I now focus on Virtualization. I also have experience in planning, designing, implementing and supporting vSphere and View environment ranging from small to Enterprise customers. I have a very good understanding of all technologies around the Hypervisor e.g. Storage, Network, Operation Systems, Servers etc. I have successfully passed a wide range of VMware, Citrix and Microsoft certifications like VCIX6-DCV/DTM/NV/CMA, VCAP-DCA/DCD/CIA/CID/DTA/DTD, VCIX-NV, VCAP6-DCV (Deploy, Design), VCAP6-DTM (Deploy, Design), VCAP6-CMA Design, VCP-DCV/DT/Cloud, CCA, CCAA, CCEE, CCE-V, CCE-N, MCITP Virtualization, MCSE-Private Cloud, MCSA-2012, MCSE – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure and Veeam VMCE (v7-v9/2021).

Why my blog is called vBrain or virtualizedbrain?
Short story: I was attending VMworld 2011 and at the VMworld Party a colleague said to me “Hey Fred, is your brain also virtualized?” and I thought “Hey this sounds like a cool Title for a Virtualization blog” and “yes maybe in the future it will be!”. So I started my first technical blog, which will mainly focus an VMware. I couldn’t decide between www.virtualizedbrain.com and www.vbrain.info so my blog is reachable by both.
Update 2014.08
After more than 2 1/2 years of blogging I decided that vBrain.info will be the final name for my blog so I will cancel www.virtualizedbrain.com with the most recent possibility.
Personal Information
IT aside, I play drums, go to the gym and go dancing with my lovely wife!
Contact me
If you’d like to send me an e-mail, you can reach me at fred (at) vbrain (dot) info.