Things you should know (TYSK) – The Overview

Things you should knowWelcome to the landing page of my blog series “Things you should know (TYSK)”.

What is “Things you should know”?

Did you ever thought you know a feature, function or something else inside out and then it was complete the opposite or somehow different. That was the reason I started this series. You will learn about stuff you might already know or you will get information about essential other things. The topics covered in the posts are e.g. vSphere, View, licensing and backup. These posts are intended to educate others who maybe had the some problems or the same understanding that I had. I hope this posts are useful. If you want you can also drop me some feedback at fred (at) vbrain (dot) info.
Cross-Host vMotion
VAAI and Licensing
vSphere 5.5 and VMDKs larger than 2TB
VCSA and AD Authentication
VMware Backup & VDDK
Horizon View Direct Connect Plug-In & PCoIP
Content Library Permissions