Monthly Archive: October 2014


VMworld 2014 Europe – Wrap-up Tuesday

My day at VMworld Day 2 started at 6:30 because we (Austrian “Gang”) wanted to participate in the vBreakfast. We found the Cafe near the Fira on time. Unfortunately we were the only one there....


VMworld 2014 Europe – Wrap-up Monday

After a really awesome vRockstar Party on Sunday, VMworld was official started with the Partner Day for VMware Partners and also the TAM (Technical Account Manager) Day for TAM customers. We arrived at 8:30...


#vBreakfast at VMworld Europe

At VMworld US there is always a traditional vBreakfast at Mel’s Diner invented by Shane Williford. So Jane Rimmer, Pietro Piutti and Andres Prieto discussed on twitter that there should also be a #vBreakfast for...