#vBreakfast at VMworld Europe

At VMworld US there is always a traditional vBreakfast at Mel’s Diner invented by Shane Williford. So Jane Rimmer, Pietro Piutti and Andres Prieto discussed on twitter that there should also be a #vBreakfast for VMworld Europe. Andres and Pietro thankfully done some research for possible locations near the Fira and came up with this location

Cafeteria Praga
Carrer l’Energia 24
5min walk from Fira2

What better way to get to know the community than over breakfast. Join me and many others in this hopefully getting yearly tradition of carbo-loading for an action-packed day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday starting at 7:45.

I have created 3 events to get an idea of how many people will join us, but keep in mind the location is limited to approx. 40 people.

Tuesday, Oct. 14th

Wednesday, Oct. 15th

Thursday, Oct. 16th

For more information follow Jane, Pietro and Andres and watch out for #vBreakfast and #vBreakfastBCN.

See you there! 🙂

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