VMworld 2012 US is over.

After one week full of virtualization and in the middle of my vacation, it’s time for a short recap of VMworld 2012 US.
The first big announcement was that VMware got rid of the vRAM Entitlement licensing and introduced the vCloud Suite, which is CPU license based.
vCloud Suite includes following products and comes in 3 Editions (Standard, Advanced and Enterprise):

  • vSphere 5.1 Enterprise Plus (all Editions)
  • vCloud Director 5.1 and vCloud Connector (all Editions)
  • Standard vCloud Networking and Security (all Editions)
  • Advanced vCloud Networking and Security (Advanced and Enterprise Edition)
  • Site Recovery Manager Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)
  • vCenter Operations Advanced (Advanced Edition)
  • vCenter Operations Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)
  • vCenter ChargeBack (Enterprise Edition)
  • vCenter Configuration Manager for vSphere (Enterprise Edition)
  • vCenter Infrastructure Navigator (Enterprise Edition)
  • vFabric Application Director (Enterprise Edition)

So remember, you got all of this products licensed based on CPU!!! If you buy all of these products seperately the license is still based on VM.
What’s new in vSphere 5.1?
The licensing is now per CPU (as it was) but with unlimited vRAM. Some features which were only available in higher Editions are now in the Standard Edition. Following features are now part of the Standard licensing model:

  • Hot Add
  • vShield Endpoint (Part of all Editions, except Essentials Kit)
  • Replication (Part of all Editions, except Essentials Kit)
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Storage vMotion
Also the VMware Storage Appliance 5.1 is now part of the Essentials Plus and all Acceleration Kits Editions at no additional costs. There is also a new Acceleration Kit called “Standard with Operations Kit” which include vCenter Operations Advanced and vCenter Protect Standard.
Here are some links to all What’s New PDFs for 5.1 versions:
VMware also announced the end of the vSphere Client with the next edition of vSphere. In vSphere 5.1 the Web Client is now fully featured and can do even more than the vSphere Client.

Watch out for all VMworld Videos at VMworld TV.

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  1. Henrik says:

    Small correction:
    vSphere Replication and vShield Endpoint is not included in the vSphere Essentials Kit.
    So in the vSphere Essentials Plus Kit and vSphere Standard, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus it is included.

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