VMworld 2012 Europe Day Zero

Finally I have made it to Barcelona. My flight had a 40 minute delay and on Twitter I could read the messages about the public transport strike. Great isn't it?

All the Austrian Partner Experts, who traveled with me, have completed the registration in time. Now the next problem was to get to my hotel. All the taxis where busy, public transport was on strike and thank god there was a bus, which was heading to the Plaza de Espana where my hotel is located. After I checked-in in my hotel and 5 minutes of relaxing and talking to my wife, I had to go, because I was invited to the Arrows ECS Germany Dinner & Nighttalk Event at the 1881 restaurant on the roof-deck of the Historia de Cataluna.

So tomorrow VMworld starts with the Partner Day. This is the best day to get the FAST PASS at the VMware Labs. With a Fast Pass you can skip the line at the HOL. Maybe there will be a Lab Competition for winning a Conference ticket for 2013, like during the past few years.

My Schedule for VMworld 2012 Europe





General Session GS01

VCP-IaaS Exam

EUC1357 – Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service with VMware View

INF-VSP1168 – Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure

INF-STO1521 – vSphere Storage Appliance – Deep Dive and Best Practices

EUC2030 – VMware View and Storage: Thinking Outside the Box (of Disks)

EUC3601 – Inside the Hands-on Labs: Discover VMware Horizon Application Manager



General Session GS02

INF-STO1198 – vSphere Storage Features & Enhancements

INF-SEC3460 – Here and Now: Software Defined Networking and Security – Integrated Solutions You Can Use Today

INF-SEC2031 – Been There Done That: YHMAN’s Private Cloud Implementation and Lessons Learned

INF-STO1545 – Architecting Storage DRS Datastore Clusters

OPS-CIM3440 – vPod Design: Building a Better Nested Virtualization Environment



EUC1363 – Mirage: Centralized Desktop Management with Local Execution

INF-BCO2159 – Site Recovery Manager – Simple and Reliable Disaster Recovery for All Virtualized Applications 

INF-BCO1159 – Architecting and Operating a VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster

OPS-CSM2083 – What's New with VMware vCloud Director

INF-BCO1436 – vSphere 5.1 – NEW vSphere Replication Enhancements & Deployment Options



If somebody want a little talk with me feel free and twitter @Fred_vBrain or meet me on Monday @HOL.

Finally to all who are reading this post, have a great VMworld 2012 Europe Conference.

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