My Schedule for VMworld EMEA 2013

This year I will attend my 5th VMworld in a row. Started back in 2010 my preferences changed over the years from doing a lot of breakout sessions in 2010, completing all Labs in 2011 and winning a free VMworld conference pass to attending both US and EMEA conference as a blogger in 2012. For 2013 here is my personal schedule:

#vRockstar – VMworld Barcelona kickoff party Sunday 07:30pm
VCAP-CID Monday 10:00am
VCAP-DTD Monday 02:00pm
AVNET Cocktail @ VMworld Monday 08:00pm
PernixData Flashy VIP Party Beachclub Boo Monday 09:00pm
General Session Pat Gelsinger Tuesday 09:00am
VAPP4683 Maximize Database Performance in Your Software-Defined Datacenter Michael Webster and Andrew Mitchell Tuesday 11:00am
NET5716 Advanced VMware NSX Architecture Bruce Davie Tuesday 12:30pm
VAPP4679 Software-Defined Datacenter Design Panel for Monster VM’s: Taking the Technology to the Limits for High Utilisation, High Performance Workloads Mostafa Khalil, Emad Benjamin, Michael Webster, Andrew Mitchell Tuesday 12:30pm
STO5027 VMware Virtual SAN Technical Best Practices Dinesh Nambisan, Cormac Hogan Tuesday 05:00pm
Veeam VIP Media Reception Shoko Club Tuesday 05:30pm
Veeam Party Shoko Club Tuesday 08:00pm
OPT4963 SDDC IT Operations Transformation: Multi-customer Lessons Learned Bjoern Brundert, Valentin Hamburger Wednesday, 11:00am
GD Stretched Clusters for Availability Lee Dilworth Wednesday, 12:30pm
EUC4815 Demistifying VMware Mirage: Tips and Tricks for Success Simon Long, Justin Venezia Wednesday, 02:00pm
VCM5008 vCenter Operations and the Quest for the Missing Metrics Duco Jaspars, Eric Sloof Wednesday, 03:30pm
VAPP6268 Building Google-like Infrastructure for the Enterprise Raymon Epping Wednesday, 05:00pm
Hall Crawl in Solutions Exchange Wednesday, 05:00pm
VMworld Party Wednesday, 07:00pm
VSVC4944 PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive Alan Renouf, Luc Dekens Thursday, 09:00am
STO4798 Software-Defined Storage: The VCDX Way Wade Holmes, Rawlinson Rivera Thursday, 10:30am
EUC5587 Horizon Mirage Image Deployment Deep Dive Mark Ewert, Christoph Harding Thursday, 01:30pm

In my “spare time” you can find me in the Solution Exchange, in the Hang space or walking around. My main focus will be to get in touch with my fellow blogger and twitter followers for some talk.
If I don’t recognize you don’t take it personal. Twitter and blogs photos are different to real life get-together.
VMworld is the best way to meet all the great people in the industry and have some talk with them.
And with these guys I have to go for a beer 🙂 @BasRaayman @matthiaseisner @lessi001 @magander3 @vMario156

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  1. Looking forward to meet for the beer 🙂 maybe at monday evening or at the Veeam VIP Media Reception?

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