Remove orphaned View replicas

Last time at a customer I saw the following situation in his vSphere/View environment:
This situation will happen, when the underlying datastore is deleted and View Composer hasn’t remove all of his replicas properly.
View replicas are store in a hidden VM folder called VMwareViewComposerReplicaFolder and they are protected against deletion and remove from Inventory.
So if you want to delete or remove the orphaned replica from the Inventory view there a several steps to follow.
1. Connect to the View Composer server, open a Command promt (CMD) and navigate to the VIew Composer install directory

  • 32bit Server – C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View Composer
  • 64bit Server – C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware View Composer

2. Run the sviconfig.exe command with this parameters
sviconfig -operation=UnprotectEntity -DsnName=<name of the VIew Composer DSN> -DbUsername=<Composer DSN User Name> -DbPassword=<Composer DSN Password> -VcUrl=https://<vCenter Server address>/sdk -VcUsername=<Domain\User of vCenter Server account name> -VcPassword=<vCenter Server account password> -InventoryPath=/<Datacenter name>/vm/VMwareViewComposerReplicaFolder/<Replica Name> -Recursive=true
In this case the replica name is replica-5860c603-8fe3-46ba-9a2a-efb43da613a0.
3. Remove the orphaned replica from the Inventory

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  1. Paul says:

    What if View isnt in the environment anymore?

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