VMworld 2013 EMEA – Partner Day

VMworld 2013 starts officially  today with the traditional Partner/TAM/VCI day. I was up quite early after an awesome vRockstar party, but I had some headache. After breakfast and a headache pill later I travel to the congress center and prepared myself for a long exam journey. I was little bit insane same weeks ago when I schedule my VCAP-CID and VCAP-DTD at the same day, but it was 75% off the normal price so there was no chance for not doing it. Finding the exam center was the same problem like last year, but finally I found it and I was only a few minutes late.
One of the biggest cons I realized was the fact that you couldn’t get your drinks inside the exam room. So beside the technical challenge there is also a physical challenge not getting enough to drink.
Another personal advice when doing exams at VMworld testing center is, to get some vest or sweater with you because the room is geeting really cold over time.
After all the stress in the last few weeks and approximately 8 hours in the testing center I accomplished one of my toughest challenges and passed VCAP-CID and DTD on the same day. It was a quite awesome experience but I surely not recommending doing 2 VCAPs on the same day to anybody. I was really brain f***** after that.

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