Backup Interoperability Matrix Update for vSphere 6.0

After reading a post from Andrea Mauro I thought that I’m little behind with my update cycle on my Backup Interoperability Matrix. I wanted to update it since vSphere 6 was GA but I didn’t find the time for it. During the update I decided to do a little redesign of the table so it’s more easier for me to update it on a regular basis. As Andrea wrote in his post there are only a few Backup Solutions which has support for vSphere 6 yet but this will change as always over the next few month.
You can find my updated Backup Interoperability Matrix here.

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  1. Phil Maynard says:

    Hi Manfred,
    Thanks for the great blog on this important topic!
    Arcserve is planning to support vSphere 6 on May 18th, as per our recent blog: –

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