Top vBlog Voting 2015 – Please VOTE

It’s February and if you are an virtualization blogger you know what that means. Correct it’s time for Eric Siebert’s annual Top vBlog voting contest presented by
Infinio is the proud sponsor this year and with over 300 blogs devoted to virtualization it can be a real challenge trying to figure out which are the best ones that you should make sure you read. The Top vBlog voting contest helps rank the most popular blogs based on your votes and the outcome determines the ranking that is published on the vLaunchpad website.
You can view the full voting results from last year here.
I was honored to be ranked #139 in my first year attending this contest. That makes this year contest more challenging because I have to defend this position or maybe move up some spots.
Therefore I need YOU who are reading my blog and found it useful. Please vote for (listed as (Manfred Hofer) on the vLaunchpad site) if the blog helped you in some way.
As Eric wrote in his post last year, this is not a general popularity contest. People who are writing blog posts invests a significant amount of their time to create great content so vote for the content not for the people behind it. Also please do not use anything to try to fake the voting.
My content is maybe not as good or as frequent as from other great bloggers like William Lam, Josh Odgers, Magnus Andersson, Duncan Epping or Cormac Hogan to name a few but if YOU like my blog and my content then vote for me.
If not than give your vote to other talented fellow bloggers like Andreas Lesslhumer ( who is the second Austrian virtualization blogger I’m aware of and was ranked #101 last year. This year we need an Austrian blogger in the Top100.
The pre-voting category nominations were already started. All blogs on the vLaunchpad are included in the general voting, the categories allow bloggers to nominate themselves in specific recognition categories such as storage, scripting, independent, new blogs and podcasts.
For all other details like the start date of the voting please visit the Top vBlog 2015 landing page.
So stay tuned at for more details about Top vBlog 2015 and good luck to all my fellow bloggers who participate.

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