VMware Explore 2023 Europe – #vBreakfast 2023 edition

I’m happy to announce that after a great success last year in the new location, #vBreakfast at VMware Explore will return this year for the 2023 edition. As in the last years we will start on an unholy time, 7am in the morning. We already missed the #GrumpyWaiter last year but I think the atmosphere was awesome in the new location. We had around 40-50 people if I’m not wrong who joined us for some coffee, snacks and great talks. And this was a great attendance so early in the morning.

I hope for this year the attendance will be similar or maybe even bigger. Personally I would say #vBreakfast is now a really good established event at VMware Explore. What could be better than meeting old and new friends so early in the morning discussing all the new trends around VMware before the VMware Explore General Session starts. Unfortunately I won’t be in Barcelona this year but Martin Micheelsen offered his help to represent #vBreakfast this year. #vBreakfast 2023 edition will be held at the same location as last year which is also really close to the Fira:

Serrano Restaurante
Carrer del Plom, 10
08038 Barcelona

In all the years since I ran #vBreakfast I always used Eventbrite to organize it to have an idea of how many people will show up at the event. Unfortunately Eventbrite made it this year impossible as the free plan only includes events up to 25 people. Therefor I changed to TicketTailor and I hope this system is as good as Eventbrite was. Registration for this event will be open from Wednesday Oct. 11th 10am CEST.

There is no better way to get to know the community than with breakfast. Join me and many others in this growing yearly tradition of carbo-loading for an action-packed day on Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:30. After that we have plenty of time getting to the General Session. So follow #vBreakfast on Twitter to get the latest information about the event.


I’m really happy and thrilled to announced that Runecast will sponsor #vBreakfast for the fifth time in a row. Here is also my personal “THANK YOU” to the whole Runecast team for their ungoing support on such vCommunity events. You guys are AWESOME and ROCK.

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