Veeam announces Backup and Replication 7.0

Veeam has announces Version 7 of Backup and Replication. It comes with 2 new major features, 7 market leading feature, 50+ other enhancements and a new Edition.

First, have a look at the new major features:

Built-in WAN Acceleration
Veeam claims that they can optimize the data copy to offsite locations up to 50 times faster than a regular file copy, removing the need to purchase and deploy a general purpose WAN accelerator.
Backup from Storage Snapshots
In v7 it is now possible to do a Veeam Backup from a HP StoreVirtual (VSA, Lefthand, P4000) or HP StoreServ (3PAR) storage snapshot, which improves RPO dramatically.

Beside the new main features this version will also include the following new features:

  • Support for vCloud Director

Using the vCloud Director API, Veeam will display the vCloud Director infrastructure directly in Veeam Backup & Replication, backup all vApp metadata and attributes, restore vApps and VMs directly to vCloud Director, and support restore of fast-provisioned VMs.

  • vSphere Web Client Plug-in

Customers can now see information about the status of Backup and Replication in the vSphere Web Client.

  • Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Sharepoint

As with Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, it is now possible to do the same thing with Microsoft Sharepoint.

  • Native Tape Support

The new tape support is a great way to make Veeam backups portable and take them offsite.

  • Virtual Lab for Hyper-V

Virtual Labs was a VMware only features in previous version. In version 7 the whole feature set (SureBackup, Universal Application Item Restore (U-Air), On-Demand Sandbox) is available for Hyper-V too.

  • Enhanced 1-click Restore

Since version 6, 1-Click Restore has made it easy for users to recover lost or corrupted files. In version 7, Veeam is extending 1-Click Restore to include self-service recovery of individual VMs!

  • Virtual Lab for Replicas (VMware only)

Customers can now use the whole feature set (SureBackup, Universal Application Item Restore (U-Air), On-Demand Sandbox) of Virtual Labs for their replicas (SureReplica).

Beside this new features and enhancesments a new Edition is introduced, Enterprise Plus.

Veeam Backup and Replication 7 Editions

Product Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Veeam Backup & Replication x x x
Veeam Backup Management Suite x x x
Veeam Essentials x x  

Features per Edition

New v7 Features Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Backup copy Direct transfer Direct transfer Direct transfer and WAN accelerated
Backup from Storage Snapshots     x
Archive to tape Files only Includes full backup tracking Includes full backup tracking
Support for VMware vCloud Director Visibility + VeeamZIP backup Full vCloud Director support Full vCloud Director support
1-Click Restore (guest files and VMs)   x Includes optional Selfservice

Virtual Lab for Hyper-V:
SureBackup, U-AIR, On-Demand Sandbox

  x x
Virtual Lab for Replicas:
SureReplica, U-AIR, On-Demand Sandbox
  x x
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Share Point No restore to original location Includes restore to original location Includes restore to original location
vSphere web client plug-in   x x
Full Instant File-Level Recovery for Hyper-V (Windows and Linux, et al) x x x
Task automation PowerShell PowerShell PowerShell + RESTful API


Veeam Backup & Replication v7 will be available in the third quarter of 2013. European pricing (in EUR) will be: Standard Edition: 620€/socket. Enterprise Edition: 1,000€/socket. Enterprise Plus Edition: 1,600€/socket. Veeam Backup Free Edition will continue to be available at no charge at


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