Change View Desktop Pool settings (Auto logoff after disconnect) through PowerShell

Today I had to set a specific View Desktop pool setting, in my case “Auto logoff after disconnect” on several pools. Because View Administrator has no integrated possibility to select multiple pools and set multiple settings you can use e.g. PowerShell to change these settings.
If you want to change settings for a specific pool use the following commands:


Returns all pools in the View environment
This is a short excerpt from the output
When you want to update the “Auto Logoff after disconnect” setting for a specific poll you can go with this (both are legit cmdlets):

Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool -Pool_id Zentrale -AutoLogoffTime 240


Get-Pool -Pool_id Zentrale | Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool -AutoLogoffTime 240

Both one-liner changes the “Auto logoff after disconnect” setting to 4 hours.
If you want to change all pools to this setting you can use this:

Get-Pool | Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool -AutoLogoffTime 240

Other possible values are Never, Immediately or an integer number of minutes.
The following gives you all parameters which can be used:

Get-Help Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool -detailed

I’m using in my environment Linked Clone pools so Update-AutomaticLinkedClonePool is the right choice for me. When using e.g. manual pools then Update-ManualPool is the right choice.

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