vExpert 2014 – Mission accomplished

Yesterday at 10:30pm CEST VMware announced the annual vExpert award list and I’m really pleased and honored to be part of that list for the 1st time. Last year I applied also for vExpert but wasn’t awarded, maybe it was to less contribution to the community. That was the time I tried to do a lot more for the community and with this award the hard work pays of. Compared to last year the number of vExperts exploded from 581 to 754, this is a huge leap forward. You can find the complete list of the Q1/2014 vExperts here. Starting this year you can apply on a quarterly basis for vExpert.

The second change is quarterly nominations into the 2014 vExpert program. We will leave the application open year round and at the end of each quarter we will begin the voting process for new vExperts from the previous quarter. So even if you are not picked to become a vExpert 2014 right away, we will allow for quarterly voting and nominations.

If you were not chosen now, work harder and apply for the Q2 vExpert which is open now.
As I go through the list I saw several other people from Austria who were awarded either for the first time or for consecutive times.
Congratulations to all fellow Austrian vExperts

Finally a big thanks to all who are behind the vExpert program especially John Troyer and Corey Romero. Last year John Troyer gave me some good advice how to improve my contribution and therefor I’m very thankful.

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