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vSphere 5.x Consolidation fails

I got a problem where a VM needs consolidation because of 90 delta files on the datastore. Consolidation is a new feature in vSphere 5.x, which merges all delta file into the base vmdk, althought...


Upgrade to vSphere 5 Update 1 with MSCS

ESXi 5.0 uses a different technique to determine if Raw Device Mapped (RDM) LUNs are used for MSCS cluster devices. During a boot of an ESXi system the storage mid-layer attempts to discover all...


VMware vSphere 5.0 Update 1 released

VMware has made available Update 1 for vSphere ESXi 5 and vCenter, providing patches and enhancements, like support for additional guest operation system customizations. This update can be applied to vSphere 5.0, which was...