VMware has announced Horizon Application Manager 1.5

Today, May 2nd, 2012 VMware also announced the new Horizon Application Manager 1.5. It will be available later this quarter as a new virtual appliance and will enable IT organizations to increase control of software as a service (SaaS), enterprise Web and VMware Thinapp applications while delivering end-user access from any connected device.
Features and Benefits:

  • VMware Horizon Application Manager Appliance – To be offered as a VMware vSphere®-
    based virtual appliance for on-premise, private cloud configurations, VMware Horizon Application
    Manager 1.5 enables a faster time-to-value with both reduced deployment time and costs. In
    addition, VMware support for non-disruptive patches and updates means customers don’t need to
    “rip and replace” for future upgrades.
  • VMware Horizon Enterprise Connector – The new VMware Horizon Enterprise Connector
    supports end-user authentication and single sign-on via existing directory services, profiles and
    policies without making changes or disrupting existing directory architectures.
  • VMware Horizon Operator – Designed to support organizations of all sizes and complexity,
    VMware Horizon Operator delivers a management console for the operator across multiple
    organizations / tenants. Operators are able to create, manage and report across organizations
    while creating role-based administrators within organizations.
  • VMware Horizon Administrator – The VMware Horizon Administrator console reduces IT
    operational costs by delivering a single integrated, web-based platform to streamline end-user
    and application management, policy and reporting, while managing and monitoring the launch
    and license usage within a single organization. VMware Horizon Administrator enables quick
    deployment and removal of application access and end-user entitlement, and the ability to build
    and automate workflows to streamline service requests and approvals.
  • VMware Horizon Policy Manager – With granular policy control, VMware Horizon Policy
    Manager provides administrators with the ability to easily define policies for bring-your-owndevice
    (BYOD) initiatives that enable secure, controlled end-user access by context such as
    location, connectivity and device. The VMware Horizon Policy Manager enables IT to create
    different access and entitlement policies by personal or corporate device categories, enforcing
    SaaS applications to run only on trusted domain computers.
  • VMware Horizon Application Catalog – The unified application catalog in VMware Horizon
    Workspace delivers a single IT view of all entitled Windows, SaaS and Web applications across
    the public and private cloud. The catalog includes support for an inventory of industry-leading
    SaaS applications to streamline deployments. In addition, IT is able to add new applications to
    customize the catalog to support existing enterprise Web and VMware ThinApp applications.
    Expanded support of VMware ThinApp virtualized Windows applications enables IT to gain
    control of leases and patch updates to end-users.
  • VMware Horizon Extension Services – Delivering APIs to enable the integration of VMware
    Horizon data into existing systems and processes enables VMware Horizon to extend the value
    of existing investments. VMware Horizon Extension Services enable IT to integrate VMware
    Horizon Application Manager into existing workflow or reporting systems and bring additional
    insight into the organization.
  • VMware Horizon Workspace – By providing one workspace available across all platforms via
    native application or a Web interface, VMware Horizon Workspace delivers a consistent end-user
    experience with single sign-on across all devices to access applications. The device-aware
    workspace takes the guesswork out of the end-user experience, while providing federated identity
    management across public and private cloud applications.
  • VMware Horizon Client for Windows – Enables the delivery and syncing of Windows-based
    applications to the desktop via VMware ThinApp and VMware Horizon Application Manager.
  • Expanded Authentication Support – Support for SAML and OAuth2, with alignment to open
    standards, ensures the vast majority of enterprise SaaS applications are supported.

VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5 will be priced at $60 per user for the on-premise, perpetual license version and includes VMware ThinApp® for management of VMware ThinApp entitlements. The hosted version starts at $30 per user/per year for the management of SaaS and cloud applications.

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