VMware Partner Exchange Pre-Conference Day 1

After 24 hours of travel we (a colleague and I) finally arrived at San Francisco yesterday. I don’t have to say that I was really tired after 16 hour on a plane. This will be my first VMware PEX. I was nominated in December by my company to receive one of the five free PEX tickets, which were sponsored by VMware for their Austrian Premier Partners and I was very happy about that.
Last year at VMworld EMEA I tried to attend the VCDX boot camp but I booked my flight to late. For Partner Exchange I waited for the announcement of the VCDX boot camp and after that I booked my flight. My first plan was to take one of the Pre-Conference bootcamps, I my case the Horizon Mirage boot camp, but after the timetable for VCDX bootcamp was fixed I canceled that plan!
After a breakfast at Mel’s I registered at VMware PEX for my badge. Unfortunately the twitter handle couldn’t be included, because of to less space at the badge but I was prepared for that.
I used the time before the VCDX bootcamp for some blog posts and conversation with other Austrian and Canadian Partners. At Lunch I had to opportunity to talk to some of the great VCDX guys which was really interesting.
Attending the boot camp was a really good invest and experience, because you get an idea what the panel really want from you and what you have to submit for a successful application. I recommend everyone who is taking the path to VCDX to attend this boot camp at least once. As John Arrasjid (@vcdx001) told us, all who defended at VMworld EMEA  last year and attended this boot camp have passed. So you see how important this is.
Here you can find some “Screenshots” from the design scenario and troubleshooting slides. All of this scenarios are already expired, so they wont come in future VCDX defenses.

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