Farewell PernixPros….

Since the day I joined VMware in September I knew that this day will come sooner or later. In December it happened then. I got a mail from Jeff Aaron, who is Vice President Marketing at PernixData, telling me that because of my recent change in employment I was removed from the PernixPro program.
To be honest I was little bit sad about that, but it was not a big surprise. I know it’s getting complicated when starting for a vendor which is in some way a competitor. A really BIG thank you will get to Frank Denneman and the people behind the PernixPro program for chosen me as a PernixPro. It was a cool and awesome time and I personally stand behind that product. It’s really cool technology and I still try to tell customers about the benefits of using PernixData FVP. PernixData is a great company with really cool and talented people. Keep up this awesome work!
Looking forward to see PernixData at my next conference and maybe of one of the next VMUG meetings in Austria.

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  1. James says:

    Was that because you account was tied to your old employer ID?

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