Workstation 14 Upgrade – Authorization Service error 6000009

Workstation 14 upgradeMy main PC was recently updated to the Windows 10 Fall Creator (1709) release. So I thought it was a good time for a VMware Workstation 14 upgrade. The reason for version 14 was that it supports Windows 10 Creator release. For more information see the release notes here. The upgrade went smooth as always but when I tried to start a Virtual Machine I got the following error message:

VMware Workstation failed to start the VMware Authorization Service. You can try manually starting the VMware Authorization Service. If this problem persists, contact VMware support.

I search for the VMware Authorization Services under services and tried to start it manually, but also with no success. I checked the Windows Application and Systems logs and found this:

Application Log

Source vmauthd – Version mismatch with vmmon driver: expecting 329.0, got 308.0.

System Log

The VMware Authorization Service service terminated with the following service-specific error:

I also check the VMware communities and found a hint which states that the vmmon driver is implemented through the vmx86.sys file located under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\. I checked the file details and found this:

As you can see the file was not updated during the Workstation 14 upgrade. That now the reason why the VMware Authorization Service can’t start.

How to fix this?

This problem was easy to fix. Follow the following steps:

  1. Configure vmx86.sys to not load during windows boot. To do this use either SysInternals Autoruns (uncheck vmx86 under Drivers) or Registry Editor.
  2. Reboot Windows.
  3. After the reboot rename vmx86.sys under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ to vmx86.sys_old (or whatever you prefere).
  4. Run a VMware Workstation Repair Installation
  5. After another reboot check again the vmx86.sys which should look like this

I hope this will help everybody who also encounter this problem.