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VMworld EMEA 2014 Tips & Tricks

With VMworld EMEA 2 months away and VMworld US kicking in in 1 week I thought I can give some Tips/Tricks/advice that I’ve learned over my last 5 VMworlds. Some of these are general¬†for...


VMworld 2012 Europe Day Zero

Finally I have made it to Barcelona. My flight had a 40 minute delay and on Twitter I could read the messages about the public transport strike. Great isn't it? All the Austrian Partner...


VMworld 2012 US is over.

After one week full of virtualization and in the middle of my vacation, it’s time for a short recap of VMworld 2012 US. The first big announcement was that VMware got rid of the...


vExpert award and how it advanced my career

In the beginning I started with virtualization back in 2007 when Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 was released. During that time I also came across bloggers like Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman. I read everything they...


vExpert Application – Tips and Tricks

Currently the whole VMware vExpert & Advocacy team and vExpert Pros are voting on the second half 2019 vExpert applications. When going through the application you can see awesome, good, ok, bad and worst...